UFO flap in Cotulla? Group

UFO flap in Cotulla? Group claims that some can not be explained.

Eagle Ford is a hot spot for oil, but in recent weeks it has become a mother ship UFO sightings. It seems Cotulla, Texas has become ground zero for UFO in recent weeks, if recent YouTube postings can be considered.

Several videos were posted on YouTube showing different observations in the region of Cotulla. A UFO video was released two days ago.

The Mutual UFO Network is a national organization that examines UFO sightings.

MUFON said they received many calls from South Texas. The group says they can not solve 80 to 90 percent of cases, they follow. This is the other 10 percent they get excited.

"Probably the fireballs, we're not real sure what it is," said MUFON investigator John Cross. "We believe that we went jet-powered drones."

MUFON said California, Texas and Detroit are the hotspots for comments at the moment.

They say videos Cotulla last week can be easily resolved.

"It really does not show unusual trends in theft of any kind, and you watch the video at the end you can clearly see the three beacons on the plane," said Cross.